Just a tiny bit weird.

We’re back!! FOR GOOD! It feels really good to be back to drawing this comic, because trust me, every bit that any of you missed it, I missed drawing this comic a million times more. Not to mention I’m just getting started here, there’s a lot of crazy stuff I can’t wait to get to in this story.

I’d just like to take a moment as well to thank the flatters that helped me speed up comic production on this chapter. Pages 8-14 were done by Matthew New, who then got tied up so the rest are finished by Gisele Jobateh of Star Trip. Both are good people and you should def check out their stuff!! It’s been a huge help for me getting things back in the swing of things.

Btw, paying for flatters was all done with money I saved up from Patreon, so if you’ve been donating to that, I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me through this hiatus.

Okay, enough words. Back to some wizard jokes. I hope you guys aren’t tired of wizard jokes yet.